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Mark of Cain examines the destructive patterns inherent to human nature. It sheds light on the entanglement of seemingly opposing experiences: love and rejection; desire and shame; hope and regret. The piece raises questions about the human state and the state of society from the view of both the victim and the apparent perpetrator. Through movement, aerial cocoon, sound, space and storytelling, it engages with the reality of abuse, grief, guilt and forgiveness. The piece asks this question: ‘In a social context where one finds clear distinctions between light and dark, good and bad, right and wrong, is the line that separates them marked out as clearly when running through the human heart?’


Tanner Efinger
Anja Meinhardt

Creative Team

Tom Wilkinson - Projection & Animation
Flannery Cunningham - Sound
May Olivier - Script
Anja Meinhardt - Artistic Direction