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Do you have what it takes to be a Migrant?

The current refugee ‘crisis’ has put human migration at the centre of attention in public debates. Although Europe has seen a significant growth of arrivals of asylum seekers, political and media representations of migration do not always meet reality: Despite common belief, 97% of the world’s population does not migrate, and the overwhelming majority of those who do, stay in the region.

CONTAINED wants to explore effective tools to reduce the gaps between lived experience of migrants and public opinion on migration, and help people find their own voice among group voices to express their concerns, fears and perceptions. It explores and challenges audience’s preconceptions, ideas and beliefs about migration by offering sensory and dynamic performances, which will stimulate debate and encourage to question their views. It offers audiences a strong means from which to learn about and discuss migration. It will enhance understanding, encourage dialogue, further empathy and facilitate integration.

CONTAINED is a multidisciplinary performance project, a creative and innovative collaboration, based on on research and migrants’ stories from around the world. It features three different components based on diverse aspects of migration,that are presented through various theatrical tools for maximum impact – interactive & immersive theatre installation, forum & image theatre, and physical theatre performance.


Creative Director: Anja Meinhardt (Justice in Motion)

Research Director: Marieke van Houte (IMI, University of Oxford)

Creative Learning Director: Remco Heijmans


CONTAINED - part 1 / Decisions & Journey

Sarah Jane Clarke; Daniella Cromwell; Sonja Wiencke; Marieke van Houte; Remco Heijmans; Sparrow; Dan MacMahon; Anja Meinhardt; Federica Infantino; Steve Hay; Dominic Heaney; Friederike Otto

CONTAINED - part 2 / Movement & Change

ROBERT: Luke Chadwick-Jones / Peter Dewhurst
KAFIYAH: Daniella Cromwell / Fiona Watson
MAYOR: Remco Heijmans / Judith Von Orelli
ANNE: Anja Meinhardt

CONTAINED - part 3 / Arrival & Reception

Remco Heijmans; Anja Meinhardt; Marieke van Houte; Mbalou Arnould; François Makanga; Simon Rakovsky; Natalia Martinez; Romana Úlehlová, also: Steve Hay, Judith Von Orelli, Fiona Watson, Peter Dewhurst

Creative Team

Soundtrack: Quentin Lachapele
Video: Ben Johnston
Script: Joakim Daun
Poetry: Jane Clarke
Set: Simon Dormon
Lights: Ophélie Lebrasseur / James McKeogh
Costume: Suzanne Burlton / Zoe Grace Parkinson
Production Assistant: Natalie Hind / Brittany Roberts
Artistic Direction: Anja Meinhardt


There are currently no performance dates planned.

Info & Bookings

CONTAINED will be in further development later in 2018 - tour dates will be announced in due time.

CONTAINED / Pecking Order is available for one off performances - please contact for further details

CONTAINED Project & The Extraordinary Queuing Experience continue in the Netherlands - please visit for more information

Publication on the Pilot Phase 2016

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