The Company

JUSTICE IN MOTION is a professional Physical Theatre Company comprising of a collective of artists and collaborators that are passionate about art and social justice.

Our main focus is to raise awareness about social injustice, through powerful, thought-provoking and visually stunning performances and to catalyze and inspire debate and action for social change.

Through high-quality performance JUSTICE IN MOTION challenges perception, encourages debate and engages audiences. Our work speaks of hope, redemption and forgiveness, while clearly and fearlessly portraying the harsh reality of the issues that concern our society.

We deliver workshops and events that engage the wider public, to equip and inspire in the fight against injustice. We collaborate with Partner-Organisations that work in the field of the issues, in order to gain valuable insight, have speakers at our post-show discussions, connect them and our audiences, access new audiences through their network and raise their profile.

Our Vision

A generation standing up against injustice, our society transformed into a place without exploitation, abuse or violence.

A world based on fairness and justice – a world of freedom, dignity and respect.

Our Mission

we create high quality work that is creative and artistic as well as relevant and positively impacts our culture and society & raise awareness about social injustice through powerful, thought-provoking and visually stunning theatre.

we bring light into the darkness, hope into a broken world & give a voice to those unheard, we reveal and uncover the uncomfortable reality of issues that concern our society.

we engage the wider public in the debate about socially relevant issues, inspire action against injustice, connect people and organisations and bridge the arts & activism to make a real difference in our society.

we educate people on issues of social injustice and inform & empower them to take a stand. We further equip & support people in developing skills within the performing arts.

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