ON EDGE is a parkour theatre show. It started in 2019 as an outdoor tour visiting festivals around the UK.

The original show is an astonishing blend of parkour, theatre, choreography and music. Its hard-hitting and eye-opening storytelling shows one man's fight for freedom. This original production explores modern slavery in the construction industry and was created with support from the Chartered Institute of Building and charity partners.

We were due to tour the UK and overseas in the summer of 2020. Of course, the virus put an end to rehearsals and any chance gathering company members. So we are now working together in a virtual world.

Under these conditions we have been able to approach the show in a very different way. Together, we're thinking further about the issues of modern day slavery in the construction industry. We're asking "what does freedom mean" and understanding how sometimes the smallest gestures can make the biggest impact.


Being in lockdown has hampered our co-creativity but we are exploring different ideas on the issues. Modern slavery did not disappear as the coronavirus spread and some victims have been suffering more as a result.

Here are recent reports outlining the potential implications for victims due to the coronavirus:

Covid-19 and potential implications on human trafficking and other forms of modern slavery internationally (Hope for Justice)

It still happens here - Fighting UK slavery in the 2020s (The Centre for Social Justice)


Watch this space for ON EDGE DIGITAL updates and content!


Performer and parkour athlete George Mayfield interviews fellow company members on Instagram Live. Meet the team and find out what they've been doing.

Justice in Motion IGTV

George Mayfield interviewing Miles Kearley

Performer Kevin Ryser

Composer Quentin Lachapele

Performer Hector Emerson

Performer Miles Kearley

Performer Daniel Rejano

Performer/film-maker Michael Lynch

Artistic Director Anja Meinhardt





The ON EDGE soundtrack is available online on most streaming platform (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, etc…) but you can purchase a hard copy by emailing the company at info@justiceinmotion.co.uk. This is the opening track.


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