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MOVING TOGETHER is a creative collaboration between Justice in Motion and anthropology researcher Dr. Bronwyn Tarr, looking at isolation during Coronavirus.

We celebrate creativity and champion how it can overcome the social barriers of isolation we all are all now experiencing. Through a series of digital activities using movement and music, we are connecting people. Our compelling creative project explores the nature of loneliness and connection. Moving Together shows how these kinds of experiences are core to individual and community health and well-being at a time in which many of us have a heightened sense of isolation.

Further Reading

Read this interview by our research partner Dr Bronwyn Tarr onĀ HOW TO LIVE A HAPPY LIFE

Creative Team

Artistic Director: Anja Meinhardt

Choreographer: Gemma Peramiquel

Film Maker: Michael Lynch

Composer: Quentin Lachapele

Researcher: Dr Brownyn Tarr


Gemma Peramiquel
Anja Meinhardt
Miles Kearley
Roosa Leimu-Brown
Irini Hatzimichali
Bronwyn Tarr



Phase 1
* Seed Collection & Video Gift Creation / May 2020

Phase 2
* Online Flashmob / July 2020

Phase 3
* Online Video / August 2020

Phase 4
* Stage Production of Dance Piece / 5 November 2020
Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford

Info & Bookings

For further information about the project and for enquiries please contact:

Anja Meinhardt –
Dr Bronwyn Tarr –

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