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After our latest project of remounting PLASMA with a group of dancers recently, we realized that there is much interest in having more performing and choreographic opportunities, so that we decided to start a new initiative as part of in.motion, with a focus on choreographic work.

We are calling this new initiative in.creation

Dancers who regularly attend our advanced in motion classes, can sign up to additionally join this choreographic lab, which will take place 1 x week for 2-3 hours, in which we will work on different types of choreographic approaches, aiming to create a variety of pieces that can be performed at different opportunities.

You’ll be able to sign up per term, and there will be a small charge (defined by the number of people attending), to cover the venue hire and expenses. Each term, another choreographer will be leading the sessions, so that you’ll get to experience a good variety of approaches, and also – if of interest, you could lead a term as well if there is a particular idea that you would like to work on.

Eventually this will enable a semi-professional performing company alongside Justice in Motion (physical theatre company), that we had intended to set up a while ago already called in.motion dance.

Come join us, and get dancing! >>> for more information get in touch with us on